Datamaister offers you the ability to quickly and affordably set up an independent project team to support your AI and Data development; no fuss, but a strong collaboration between both your experts and ours for effective and on-target results.

Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept (PoC) locates and presents the best technical approach to solving a particular challenge. 

The PoC stage consists of several components:

  • Brief discovery phase
  • Technical prototype phase

 The main goal of the PoC stage is to find and demonstrate the best technical approach to solve the task. The brief discovery phase is to better understand the task at hand and give us a better than the ballpark estimate for developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). 

  • Technical demo for the customer.
  • System Architecture Document.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Our capable team gladly turns a good idea into a working solution. The primary goal is to develop a system that is ready to implement into a production environment. 

The MVP stage starts with an extensive discovery phase to create a detailed description of the scope and requirements.  This discovery phase takes about two weeks. This will result in a clear Statement of Work and an accurate estimate of the entire project.

 The project is performed in brief sprints of two weeks, each with a demonstration at each sprint’s end.

 MVP Stage Deliverables

  • A tested system with Initial Operation Capabilities in the development environment.
  • System technical

Continued development

In this dynamic and competitive world, you always need to keep improving your business to stay ahead. Once the MVP is up and running, we keep improving the product by adding and updating features constantly.  Our consultants will help you define the best next steps, and our developers will make them a reality. 

R&D projects

You would like to explore some ideas but don’t have the time or resources? We can help you by setting up an independent team to perform feasibility studies and technical analysis.