We gladly share our knowledge and experience with your team. Allowing you to grow and thrive in a new data-driven world. Our experienced consultants help you design and build future proof products, create actionable insights, expand your AI capabilities and solve bottlenecks. We have the experience, the tools and execution power to keep you growing!

Data Ignition and Data Strategy

A thorough data strategy is vital for getting value out of your data.
Through a series of workshops, Datamaister will help you understand what you need to know and set up a roadmap with crucial steps to list actual valuable use cases for your organization.

Datamaister provides staff and (higher) management with the necessary knowledge of AI, ML and Data Science through (tailor-made) workshops and in-house training.

We enable you to expand your knowledge in the field of AI employing the following tailor-made workshops:

  • Introduction to AI – A knowledge & inspiration session
  • Use Case Discovery – What are the application possibilities of AI within your organization?
  • How to identify AI possibilities – A workshop aimed at customer-facing consultants to spot the possibilities to use AI at the customer’s premises
  • Roadmap creation – Where are you now? What are your goals? What are the key milestones to achieve?

Knowledge sharing

Get feedback on your current projects, AI models or AI architecture from our experienced consultants.

Old ways won’t open new doors …

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help solve critical business challenges by leveraging the power of machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence:

  • Increases efficiency
  • reduces operational costs
  • avoids unexpected maintenance
  • creates new opportunities
  • and much more.

In short, well used and implemented, AI can give you a real advantage over competitors.

Datamaister has two decades of knowledge and experience in AI, both in research and business. By combining your business knowledge with our AI expertise, we can find the best way to solve your critical business challenges.

Discovery Workshop

In this workshop, we help you discover how AI can add value to your business.

Following an introduction to AI, we will explore possible applications of AI tailored to your business. In this team effort, you use your business knowledge and the challenges you are experiencing to develop ideas and solve them with AI.

The experienced Datamaister team will guide you during this exploration and support you in keeping them technologically viable.

Discovery Workshop program

Get an understanding of what AI is and can do with some inspirational examples 

The group is split into smaller groups to explore how AI can be used to solve several critical business challenges in your own business 

Present and discuss the different ideas

Round up:
Rank presented ideas on value and applicability

The workshop’s general goal is to get a better insight into where AI can add value to your business. We aim to end up with several potential applications on how AI can add value to your business and solve some of the challenges you experience within your company.

Composition of participants:
To capture both the operational knowledge and the company’s strategy forward, the proper format of the group is essential:

  • Several senior operational staff
  • Several people from management

Near Shoring 

Extend your team with one or more of our experts.

  • Data Translators
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend/Cloud Engineers