To transform into a data-oriented organization, you need the right expertise; relevant to your company and industry. Datamaister provides this expertise. The Datamaister team consists of highly experienced specialists (AI architects, full-stack software developers, data scientists etc.), who are happy to advise and guide you throughout the entire process to become a data organized company. We help you analyze data and implement AI specifically tailored to your company, your industry and the objectives you wish to achieve using AI. With our enthusiastic team, we provide a total package of services and products in the field of AI. Datamaister works for clients worldwide.

MSC Lars Zwanepol Klinkmeijer

Director and founder of Datamaister. Lars is an experienced consultant and helps to translate our clients’ needs into valuable solutions and guides them to become a more data-driven organization.

Following his MSc in Artificial Intelligence, Lars worked with several tech companies in the Netherlands before becoming an AI entrepreneur.

Lars is also a member of the Innovation Committee of the Dutch Sport Tech Fund.

Miranda van Rossum

Co-founder and responsible for marketing and communications at Datamaister.

Miranda is an experienced entrepreneur. After her study Communications at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, she has held management positions within various organizations. Miranda has a strong focus on communicating with the different target groups of Datamaister through digital marketing and social media. She likes to write and study new subjects, learn from them, and convert this acquired knowledge into added value for its clients and relations.


Ruben has 30 years of experience in software development, consulting and investment business in the large international industry. 



Alexandr has over 20 years of software experience, holding CTO positions in various international companies.