Datamaister offers companies several products especially developed by Datamaister to ease companies
and their need for data driven tasks and models.

PoC Maister

PoC Maister is a powerful, easy to use PoC (Proof of Concept) generator for data driven tasks and data driven models. If you want to know if your current data is sufficient to perform a particular task you can just run it through PoC Maister and quickly get that result!

Data Driven Model Maister

Data Driven Model Maister allows any Business Analyst to quickly and easily create data driven models during his analysis phase without any required skills in Data Science.

Prediction Maister

Prediction Maister is the online Prediction as a service (PaaS) solution of Datamaister. A great asset that allows any BI supplier to add predictions to their services. Applicable to industries such as: IoT, Oil and gas, finance and much more.

Data Science Maister

Data Science Maister unlocks the power of machine learning to everyone. It is a complete data science solution for everybody , and a boost for the productivity of data scientists.

Data Science Maister is the online A.I. of the Data Scientist as a Service (DSaaS) solution of DataMaister. Our DSaas solution is a combination of human data scientists and an A.I. as a data scientist. Our human data scientists assist, if wanted, with connecting your data to Maister. Maister sets up and runs all the complexities of the Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Especially useful if a solution is required quickly or when you want to improve the productivity of your data science team with at least 30% and up to 80%.

Airlock AI

Maister’s Airlock AI is an addition service for companies with strict policies on their data where the data is not allowed to leave the premise. It enables these companies to still harness the power from any of Maister’s services while keeping their data safely stored on premise.

Maister service

Part of the Maister service will be installed on site with only an extremely narrow bandwidth connection for communication. Sufficient for Maister to communicate and improve results but insufficient to send a meaningful amounts of data. Maister only processes how well certain experiments performed, but never actually sees the data itself. Especially useful for on-site data processing and the boosting of your data science team.

Custom-made full stack software development

Artificial Intelligence models are rarely a standalone product. In most cases, you require some form of an application to make full use of your models. When standard solutions do not suffice or prove too cumbersome, Datamaister can develop innovative AI and the supporting custom software for you. Our full-stack engineers hold wide experience in delivering end-to-end- solutions and help to create and maintain the software that enables you to get to most out of your AI project. Our software development experience covers all major technology stacks.

So whatever you need, we can build it.

Artificial Intelligence can help you innovate your business case or solve critical business challenges through leveraging the power of machine learning. Combining your business knowledge with our AI expertise, we can find the best way to solve your critical business challenges. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation conversation in which we will be happy to inform you further about our consultancy services in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Empowering your business through
artificial intelligence