Artificial Intelligence, Data science and Machine Learning are presented as the solution and the answer to all your entrepreneurial questions now and in the future.

But applying AI, Data science and Machine Learning is not just applying algorithms to data, it is much more than that.

Research shows that many entrepreneurs know that tools such as AI, Machine Learning, Data science etc. are becoming increasingly important to not fall behind the rest of the world. But many do not know which tools are available and how they can apply these tools within and for their own organization.

Tijn van der Zant (PhD – AI architect and former professor of Industrial and Care Robotics) and Lars Zwanepol (MSc – AI Architect), have set themselves the goal to advise and support companies with Datamaister ( in their transformation to a data-oriented organization. Both have extensive experience in guiding companies, analyzing data and implementing AI tools, specifically tailored to the company, their industry and the intended objectives.

Is your company ready for this industrial revolution?

Are you curious about the application possibilities of AI within your organization or company? Looking for an idea to get you started? Or do you already have an idea you want to discuss with our specialists for some feedback and insights? The Datamaister specialists are happy to help you. Through a corona-free (video) call, Tijn and Lars answer any questions you have about the possibilities that exist for your company to apply or implement AI, Machine Learning and / or Datascience.

Interested? Send an email with your contact details to and we are happy to schedule an appointment with you at a time that suits you best.