Datamaister offers customizable training programs that will teach you skills for basic Data Science up to Advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies.

Value from AI

Following several use cases you discover what AI is and how it can make your organization more effective:

  • get an understanding of the technology behind Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • get insight into how AI adds value to your organization.
  • understand how to avoid the common pitfalls and get ROI from your AI projects.
  • interact with experts and other participants to discover how AI can be applied to our organization.

Introduction data science & machine learning

Hands on workshop following several use cases we go through all the steps of applying Data Science and Machine Learning.

  • You will gain insight into the most important machine learning algorithms.
  • You will gain a practical understanding of how to apply ML algorithms.
  • You will gain a practical understanding of data processing techniques.

Discovery workshop

Senior staff plus some more management.

Inspiration session: following several use cases gain an understanding of the possibilities of AI.

Brainstorm session to discover how AI can add value to your organization.

Create value versus complexity matrix.

Machine Learning basics

Learn to apply machine learning correctly to data. Machine learning is science and you will learn the tricks of the trade how to apply it for your Data Science activities. Both supervised and unsupervised machine learning are covered, for example: Support Vector Machines, Linear Regression, k-nearest neighbor, PCA, perceptron. Support Vector Machines, Linear Regression, K-nearest neighbor, PCA, Perceptron.

Machine Learning advanced

Optimization of machine learning algorithms can push the performance to a higher level. There are many parameters to optimize. The performance can be further boosted by applying advanced techniques such as bagging and boosting. At the end you know how to automatically optimize the parameters and how to boost the performance.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is the rising star in Machine Learning. You will learn what it is and how to apply it do different types of data, such as images and text.

At the end of this course you are able to apply Deep Learning and optimize you own Artificial neural Network.

Gathering, preparing and visualizing data

Loading data is not always easy to do. Understanding the data requires visualizations. Here you will learn how to create beautiful visualizations to understand and show what the data is about.

Feature engineering

Machine learning works the best when the features created from the data are good. This course will train you in feature extraction, selection and engineering. Senior AI experts typically spend most of their time creating good features!

Time Series

Time series are a topic in themselves. Many systems produce time series. Think about the stock exchange, agriculture, IoT and sensor data. At the end of this course you will know how to apply the best known methods to predict the future.

Introduction Data Science & AI

A one day intensive course to determine what Data Science and AI can do for your business. At the end you will know how to automatically optimize the parameters and how to boost the performance.

Empowering your business through
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