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We offer beginner and advanced programs. With appropriate background knowledge our courses can be taken separately. Please contact us for the possibilities when you are not sure your background fits the course you would like to apply to. We are happy to inform you.


The digital transformation causes many data sources to become available. Smart algorithms provide the possibility to support companies with improved customer services and hyper personalization, such as personalized advertising, product advise, personal offerings, etc.
Datamaister offers you guidance in the following steps to achieve applicable AI for your organization.





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Get Value from AI

0.5 days Management Contact us

Introduction data science & AI

2 days Beginner Contact us

Introduction deep learning

2 days Medior Contact us

Machine learning basics

6 days Beginner Contact us

Feature engineering

3 days Beginner Contact us

Machine learning advanced

6 days Beginner Contact us
Deep learning 10 days Medior Contact us
Time series 5 days Medior Contact us
Natural language processing 6 days Medior Contact us



If you are not located near our own education venue in Eindhoven or if you wish to have a personalized course, with sufficient participants, Datamaister can come to you! Requesting a course for in-house training is easy: choose a workshop or course from our Datamaister page and fill in the contact form. The team of Datamaister will contact you as soon as possible with a tailored proposal.
In-house training programmes can be customized on the basis of your company’s work and participants’ profile.

Empowering your business through
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