Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long since ceased to be future stuff, for it is already a harsh reality. In the end, the amount of AI tools and applications within companies will only increase. Developments are moving fast, and AI can give companies a head start, provided that AI projects within the organization are well researched, thoughtfully implemented, and carefully rolled out. The annual IT trend survey ( shows that almost 70% of the respondents indicate that they will give AI a reasonable to a high priority for the coming year. Applications of AI-based technology expect to triple by 2021, and global investment in AI systems is projected to reach 98 billion dollars in 2023, up from 47 billion dollars in 2020. AI is seen as an essential vitamin to make your business more immune and future proof. Immune to outside threats such as increasing global competition. To illustrate: the US will invest 24 billion euros in AI over the next five years, while China will support 9 billion euros. Globally, to not create a large technological gap, Europe will also have to keep up with this trend.

For most companies, the simplest and most efficient way to start with AI and not to reinvent the wheel is to work with an experienced partner in AI. Why? We will be happy to explain this to you in more detail in this article.

How to become aware of the possibilities of AI for your business?

AI can make processes within the organization better, cheaper, and more efficient. But then, of course, some necessary conditions have to be met. AI only delivers real value when the preconditions are in order. A good foundation with detailed, clean, complete, up-to-date, and well-secured data is highly desirable for AI deployment What data do you need to improve your processes, products, and services, and how do you obtain this data? What channels do you have at your disposal to get data? Is this data easily accessible? Can data from one channel easily be compared and combined with data from the other channel?  In what way do you make this data suitable for analysis? Etc. etc.

On the one hand, AI offers increasing opportunities to gain insights from a growing heterogeneity of data sources. Still, on the other hand, it also creates growing complexity and data security issues.

And that’s the crux. While large companies have long been aware of the importance of investing in AI and have the resources available and reserved for this purpose, for smaller companies, AI is often seen as something for the future; AI is seen as difficult and complicated. In addition to running your business and everything that comes with it, keeping track of all the technological developments in this area is an impossible task. So, how do you make sure that you are aware of the possibilities of AI for your own business and company?

Training your own AI team

Option 1 is to hire or train an AI specialist within your organization. A challenging job, given the scarcity of well trained and experienced AI experts. Even if you can find one, they are quite expensive and are quickly bought away by large companies at home and abroad. A professional AI specialist has enough jobs to choose from and mainly goes for fun and challenging ones. As a company, you have to have something to offer.

Option 2 is to train an AI specialist within your organization. Also, a tricky story because such a person will need to have the right background and competencies. Moreover, studying AI is not something you ‘just do’ aside from a job. Given the shortage of teachers in this area, this strategy will also be challenging to implement in practice.

Hiring a strategic partner in AI

In addition to hiring and training someone within your organization, there is a third option; hiring an external strategic partner. An experienced knowledge partner who is aware of all the latest developments in AI, who possesses multidisciplinary AI expertise, and has an extensive global network to develop, execute, and roll out AI projects properly. In short, a partner who, together with you and your team, picks up the AI trajectory within the organization. You contributing extensive knowledge of the business and the domain in which you act, and the AI partner with the experience to combine your knowledge with his expertise in AI. An AI partner who trains your current management serves as a sounding board and, together with you investigates, how specific challenges within your organization can be picked solved using AI. Besides training, acting as a sounding board, and advising, this partner can also help you with the development and actual implementation and roll-out of the chosen AI projects.

Realize your AI potential with Datamaister

Datamaister is such a strategic partner in AI. If you are interested in realizing AI’s potential for your own company or business, please feel free to contact us. Together, we can discuss new AI applications, either in single projects or joined innovation programs, to boost your company’s immunity. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.