Your strategic partner in AI

More and more companies realize AI is an important tool to ‘future proof’ their organization, products, and services. At the same time, many struggle to effectively apply and implement AI within their organization. Where large international companies can acquire AI knowledge by recruiting AI specialists, this is not possible for every organization. A collaboration with a strategic partner in AI is a great alternative solution.

With Datamaister as your strategic partner, you have access to experienced specialists to bounce ideas off and discuss all your AI plans and projects. We inform your team about the possibilities with AI, ML and Data Science, work with you in researching and developing the best AI solutions and techniques for your business case and we support you in the implementation and rollout. Our highly experienced team, led by Tijn van der Zant PhD and Lars Zwanepol Klinkmeijer, offers you over 20 years of AI knowledge and experience and is happy to help you create real value for your organization using AI.

“We have some catching up to do in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

Empowering your business through Artificial Intelligence


Datamaister recognizes the need for companies to stay up to date with all developments concerning Artificial Intelligence that are or could be important for the future of the company. Datamaister has set itself the goal of helping companies with this in an honest, reliable and transparent way.

Our products

Datamaister offers companies several products especially developed by Datamaister to ease companies and their need for data driven tasks and models.

Datamaister courses

Success in AI and Data Science requires knowledge of two domains: AI and the domain in which you are looking to apply the AI.

Datamaister offers offers customizable training programs that will teach you skills for basic Data Science up to Advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies.

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Artificial intelligence is hot

You want to know what your clients really want? You want to optimize processes and increase scale, reach and quality? Artificial Intelligence is presented as the answer to all these questions. But do you actually already know what you want to achieve with Artificial Intelligence? What issues do you want to solve with it? How do you ensure that you can trust the working and results of AI? When answering these questions you want to be able to rely on an AI specialist.

Perhaps you already have someone within your organization who is involved with AI or maybe you are considering hiring an external specialist. In both cases, Datamaister can help and support you. In addition to in-house training courses in the field of AI, Datamaister also offers you the opportunity to find an external specialist who can help you with your AI issues. Datamaister is an initiative of Tijn van der Zant and Lars Zwanepol. Both are AI experts and have been working in the field of AI for many years.

Empowering your business through
artificial intelligence